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Eric Huston

Eric Huston"Roughly 20 years ago a move from Ontario led me to the mountains for snowboarding, mountain biking and golf. The World of Wine has been my preferred career choice for some time now and my first sip of wine was all it took. I remember thinking, WOW, this is good stuff! I quickly began to travel Wine Country when I could and studied through the ISG Sommelier Diploma Program in Calgary. This passion for wine lead to some studies with food and both have continued to be strong every day. They have become a huge part of my life and the restaurant scene led me to boutique sales in retail. I was hooked from the beginning. I love talking about wine, tasting wine, experimenting with pairings and hosting as well. But if you're in the mood for beer and scotch…don't hesitate to ask."

Alison Nagel

Alison Nagel 1"I often get asked what made me decide to open a wine shop. After working in oil & gas for 10 years I was ready to follow my true passion for wine, and retail seemed like a natural fit. I love chatting with our wonderful customers about wine and food and I can't imagine a better place to do so than in Canmore. My new career has taken me to the greatest wine growing regions in the world and I have had the privilege of meeting so many amazing people who live for the art of winemaking. When I opened the shop in 2010 I filled the shelves with remarkable wines, spirits, and beer, always with a focus on great value. This continues to be the mission of Cellar Door and we look forward to sharing our delicious new finds with you."

Mission of Cellar Door

My mission was to fill the store with less common wines priced between $15 and $25 and to include a selection of premium wines that still represent great value. With over 175 wines under $25, I definitely achieved my goal. Every week we taste new products and continue to expand the selection. Be sure to stop in to see what's new!

Complimentary Tastings

We are always featuring a selection of white and red wine that you can taste free of charge at the tasting bar. This enables you to discover wonderful new wines that you may have overlooked on the shelf and equally important it allows our staff to understand your preferred style of wine and make appropriate recommendations.

Store Layout

The wine in the store is arranged by style. The reds begin with the rosés, followed by the light and fruity reds and move through the spectrum to the full-bodied, powerful reds. The whites are organized in a similar fashion starting with the fresh, crisp whites and move through to the full-bodied wines. This arrangement is a great way to ease customers out of their comfort zone and try new regions and new varieties that will still deliver the desired style of wine.